How to Market Your Own Photography Business and Increase SEO

Read this article and discover how to market your own photography business and brand and how to increase SEO! Is guest blog post the solution?

If you finally decided to make your photography hobby a real business, you probably are confused about how much marketing you need to involve on order your business to be successful. It is important to market your business and your brand and you also need to get creative about how and where you market.

One of the most effective methods to market your photography business, build links to your website and use some free promotion at the same time is to offer to write guest blog posts your potential clients might read.

Why you need to write guest blog posts for free?

If you have developed an amazing talent and you have invested time and money you deserve to be paid for what you do. But, you need to keep in mind that the press is a beneficial commodity and many blogs have become popular and influential. You should think of the guest post as a promotion and press exposure. That is why offering to write guest blog posts for free is completely normal.

How do you know which blogs to write for?

In order to determine for which blogs you are going to write, you need to ask yourself – which blogs do my potential customers read?

For example, if you are a wedding photographer, you need to concentrate on local weddings. We recommend you to find the blogs that local brides are using as a helpful resource for planning their wedding.

If your target audience is from anywhere in the world, we recommend you to go after larger blogs with a global and worldwide audience. Regardless of your target customers, you will have to do some research in order to find the ideal blogs for you and your photography brand.

What should you write in the blog posts?

This depends on your target customers and the blog you are writing for. However, you should be creative, unique, and interesting. Start with an engaging and attractive title such as “10 Ways to Develop Your Personal Brand” or “What to Wear for Your Birthday Photo Session”. It is important the post to be of interest to your target audience.

So, are you ready to get some online exposure for your photography business? Start now!

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